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Boardwalk Reflections #1

Boardwalk Reflections #1 




Most days I take a 6 kilometre walk along Merimbula's marvellous  Boardwalk. Apart from the exercise and presumed health benefits, the walk gets me outdoors, clears away the cobwebs and gives me time to think. I am a serial writer of letters to the editor and most of my ideas spring into existence during the walk.

However, an unexpected benefit has been the thrill of seeing Top Lake in its various guises depending on the weather and the tide. The light and shade over the sand, seaweed and rocks create an infinite combination of shapes and colours. Some of them I have
Boardwalk Reflections 2

Boardwalk Reflections #2 



captured on canvas for your enjoyment.

Each painting began life as a photograph on my iPhone as I saw something which caught my eye. However once transferred to canvas, in most cases they bear little resemblance to the original photograph. The translation from reality to art begins through the eyes and then through the mind as we emphasise aspects of the original and convert it into our own snapshot of a moment in time. They continually reinforce in me what a wonderful universe we live in and how amazing is each instant we experience in it.


Boardwalk Reflections #3 



The third painting is my largest so far and captures the turbulance of the waves surging across the red volcanic rocks in Top Lake. At low tide the rocks are dull and lifeless but when the waves cover them their colour is transformed into a myriad shades of red an orange.
The incredible thing to me is that a picture of the exact same spot 5 seconds later would create an entirely different image.
All the paintings in the Boardwalk Reflection Series are  undertaken using knives rather than brushes. This allows for unexpected results of colour and composition. 
Boardwalk Reflections #4

Boardwalk Reflection #4



The fourth painting in the Series takes a slightly different turn focussing more on the water swirling around the rocks above the waterline. A small section of the actual Boardwalk has been included in the bottom left corner.

Once again, the colours and scarring of the volcanic rock is
emarkable and never ceases to a
aze me.


One aspect which remains hidden are the sounds of the water and the amazing variety of birdlife which
Boardwalk Reflections 5

Boardwalk Relections #5



surrounds the Lake.


The sand in Top Lake is incredibly white which offsets the colours of the red pebbles which litter the floor.

The water is so clear as to be almost invisible with the sun's rays creating intricate patterns on the floor and surface of the water.
Boardwalk Reflections 6

Boardwalk Reflections #6 



This is an example of my attempts to capture the latticework of the sun's reflections on a moving body of water. Once I notied what was going on, which reflections were on the surface and which were floor reflections I became hypnotised by their incessant movement almost like a kaleidoscope..
Onc again, as a point of reference I have included a little bit of the Boardwalk at bottom right in this painting.


Boardwalk Reflections 7

 Boardwalk Reflections #7 



All the paintings in this series are very different one from another. However this one is definitely an odd one out!
It concentrates on the seaweed and oysters which crowd into every underwater crevice.
I intended it to appear as if the viewer is beneah the water looking up towards the surface.


Boardwalk Reflections 8
Boardwalk Reflections #8



This is another one which sits at its own end of the spectrum. It is an attempt to illustrate the swirling water across the rock as the tide  was rushing in. The strange dark circles with the light perimeters are micro water swirls forming and reforming as the water flushes in. In some rspects they also remind me of the photographs we get of distant galaxies from the Hubble Telescope.
Boardwalk Reflections 9

Boardwalk Reflections #9 



The painting in this Series are displayed in the order they were created going back over twelve months. This one is not yet finished but I think you will get the idea.
The rocks once again dominate with their vibrant colours setting off perfectly against the white sand.
"Chain of Ponds"
Boardwalk Reflections 10

Chain of Ponds 



Finally, a painting which is clearly unfinished but marks a departure from the close range reflections of the other nine works. This one is a satellite view of the Australian outback with a chain of interconnected ponds providing the contrast.
So there you have it - a twelve month snapshot of my painting and a worn out pair of joggers to prove it! For those who know me more for my quirky take on politics, I'm afraid that given the decline of reasonable policy debate, not just here but everywhere, I have had a quirky bypass and will not be publishing Advocacy Update until further notice.
I hope to enjoy my paintings and of course if you feel so moved , they are for sale at the prices indicated, which also covers delivery charges. If anyone wants thge job lot then a special lump sum may be negotiated.
Just Email me at david.kindon@gmail.com or Tweet me @dakindon or phone me on 0414 936 300.
Cheers for now,
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19 February 2013
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