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Keystone Cops                                         4 June 2012  Vol 7, Issue 5
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Poop Poop!
Twitter, Tweets and Twits
This week's trick question
This week's meanderings
Hi (low) farce in Parliament
Voice of concern and reason
Management Toolshed

Art and Advocacy


I have created a new website to  display my paintings and to house my new political blog "Our Daily Blog". Click on the image below to see the site.


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You can access my Daily Blog by clicking here. You can even arrange to automatically receive new Blogs by clicking on the "RSS Feed" button on the Blog page.


There are many free downloads available in the Advocacy section.


There are four Painting Galleries and even an online shop if you wish to buy one! 


Collage 1
Boardwalk Collage


Santorini - Dome Mania
Blue Dome Mania


Tuscan Steps #2
Tuscan Steps





Poop Poop!
Mr Toad
Mr Toad



Listening to Clive Palmer recently jawing on that he owns a mine, two golf courses, a football team and plans to build a 1:1 replica of the Titanic (in China using Chinese labour), I was reminded of my favourite book of all time "Wind in the Willows".


I wonder what his next wheeze will be?


"Bound" Volumes


All issues of Advocacy Update have now been bookmarked and aggregated into their calendar year volumes.


You may read or download them through the links below. They provide a quirky and personal record of federal politics over this tumultouous period.


Volume 1 2006

Ethical Advocacy Services Catalogue


To download my services catalogue, click on the image below.



Twitter, Tweets and Twits


Recently I wilted and decided to join the Twittertariat. Big mistake. It is the most self-indulgent, vapid, vacuous form of "look at me" communications ever invented. So Twitter has Tweeters but mainly is has Twits peddling there obnoxious biased views from all sides. I began following some Twits and found myself churning over their crap when I should have been sleeping.


It's all fixed now - I have "unfollowed" the Twits and feel better for it already.

This week's trick question


Dead End
Dead End?

Is this a roadsign near Merimbula or is it an in-depth analysis of the European economy?

This week's meanderings


Responding to Natasha Stott despoja's jibe about the absence of Coalition policies, Alexander Downer sought to disprove her assertion by saying that the removal of the carbon tax is just one example of the Coalition's positive policy agenda.


Given the Coalition's opposition to most pieces of legislation passed under the Labor Government - the whole of the first term of an Abbott Government could be spent unpicking the knitting.

Also last week Mr Abbott accused the Gillard Government of trying to "Abbott-proof" it's legislation. So now we have the prospect of an Abbott-proof fence around future policy initiatives.

Finally, and in my view silliest of all was a claim by Coles a week ago that it is "The official supermarket of the Olympic Games"!!! Geez the athletes will have a long trip to purchase a bottle of milk from the Olympic Village in London.

Hi (low) farce in Parliament


It will be interesting to see what the next Neilsen, Newspol and Essential Opinion Polls make of the events in Parliament last week. There are so many crazy allusions from both sides of Parliament that it makes me feel jealous of comedy writers and performers such as Shaun Micallef who must be wilting under the weight of material available to him.
Watching Craig Thomson take his place on the Opposition benches to support their vote against the Government gag motion reminded me of the old fireworks instruction "Light taper and retire ten paces". Sure enough once they heard the fizz of the lighted taper off they went - not ten paces but hammering on the door to be let out!!
To the observer it looked like a new game of "Follow the Leader" - to the tune of Run Abbott run.

If all that's needed to disrupt the Coalition's vote is for Craig Thomson to side with them - then this throws yet another variable into the HoR numbers game.

It did cross my mind that in bolting from the Chamber, the voters of Sturt and Warringah were denied their rightful representation and vote in the chamber - not a good precedent.

circus circus 2
Circus Circus
But wait - there's more...
Pynes Hissy Fit
Pyne's Hissy Fit

Perhaps there has been some rub-off from the hairy chested "State of Origin" season we are enduring.
Voice of concern and reason


Associate Professor Peter Christoff (UMelb) writing in The Age on 31 May "Circus in the Chamber is a bloody game" suggests that there are indications that it might be half time at the Coliseum - whilst the slaves remove the blood and guts from the ground.  He calls it the slide from the Forum to the Coliseum.


He examines the three cases of illegitimacy claimed by the Opposition:
  • First, the government is illegitimate because it never really won power in its own right. Instead, the PM cobbled together a bare majority from scrap votes on the floor of the lower house;
  • Second, it is illegitimate because it won by deception; and
  • Third, the government is illegitimate because it now relies on Thomson's tainted vote.

After addressing these three claims he concludes by proposing the following remedies:


"Parliamentary immunity should be limited. If comments in Parliament are subject to the usual legal penalties and remedies for slander and libel, the likelihood of Parliament being misused as a forum for politically opportunistic character assassination would be greatly reduced.


And cases of possible serious impropriety by parliamentarians must trigger powerful legal investigations that are expedited so that we don't have the spectacle of lingering uncertainty over the validity of a member's presence in Parliament.


These measures might also limit the unedifying spectacle of the media focusing their energies on an orgy of toxic political theatre, rather than on the policies, performance and capacities of government and opposition alike."


Trouble is we all only read those things with which we agree - so he may be preaching to the converted.


Another good article on the issue of moral authority has been penned by Jonathan Green in The ABC's The Drum on 24 May - "Moral authority in our parliament? Not seeing it."


Yes I know - some will say another biased trendy lefty - unfortunately most of us seem to have a one-eyed view of bias.

Management Toolshed


I am going to try each Issue to feature some management tools which can change your perspective eon complex issues and can provide insights beyond the normal ways we tend to tackle problems.


In today's Issue I look at how visualising a problem can cut through and highlight the real issues of concern. These are visualisation diagrams I have developed. In future issues I will return to an earlier theme of mine - Systems thinking as well as Root Cause Analysis.


I hope you find this section useful. If you would like me to run a course on creative thinking for your staff please contact me.


Visual Thinking
Visual Thinking


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